Van Zetta Named Director of Safety

John Van Zetta

Waltham, MA – Delphi Construction president, Keith Shaw, has announced the promotion of John Van Zetta to director of safety.

Van Zetta has been with the company since 2018 and served as safety manager prior to receiving this promotion. As director, he will continue to institutionalize the high standards of safety he established as safety manager.

Prior to joining the Delphi team, Van Zetta was director of environmental, safety, and compliance for a New York based heavy civil construction firm. He is an authorized OSHA outreach trainer and a National Safety Council first aid and CPR instructor.

Shaw said the move further reinforces Delphi’s commitment to prioritizing safety throughout the organization.

“There is a mantra in construction that says safety is everyone’s responsibility, but we also understand how crucial it is to have a single driving force behind the practices, policies and procedures that perpetuate a strong safety culture. John is singular in his focus on equipping, empowering, and holding accountable not only our staff, but our network of preferred subcontractors as well, to ensure that safety remains a defining characteristic of our company,” Shaw said.

“My overarching goal is to deputize our entire staff and to create a culture where everyone thinks about safety every bit as much as I do. At the core is a rigorous schedule of specialized safety training, daily oversight, an emphasis on personal accountability and the consistent reinforcement of standards. We will continue to build on this foundation moving forward,” Van Zetta said.

Van Zetta holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Western New England University and an MBA from Mount Saint Mary College.

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