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Urban Land Institute to hold Fall Meeting

The Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) fall meeting will be held virtually on Oct. 13-15.

On October 14, ULI and PwC will release its landmark 2021 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report. Published annually, the report ranks the hottest U.S. housing markets and offers forecasts on housing affordability, supply trends, infrastructure spending, retail growth, and more. This year’s release is highly-anticipated amid the pandemic and economic recession.

Fall Meeting speakers include CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers and The Economist editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes. Panel experts will discuss timely, complex urban challenges including: 

  • How to make cities resilient to extreme weather, from heat to hurricanes.
  • How to solve the shortages of middle-class housing and family-friendly rental housing.
  • How to address racial inequities and increase Black communities’ access to capital.
  • How to dismantle neighborhood segregation and reverse the legacy of redlining and other public policies.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic will impact the office and retail sectors.

With over 45,000 members in 82 countries, ULI represents some of the biggest-name real estate developers, investors, architects, academics, and urban planners around.