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Upcoming Event: New England AWI Financial Management Seminar

Providence, RI – New England AWI will be holding a financial management seminar on Friday, May 10, 2019.
Attendees will learn how to manage a business through financials, learn the fundamentals about financial statements and capture meaningful information from the balance sheet and income and cash flow statements.
Attendees will also find out how to broaden their understanding of financial ratios and methods of accounting, and be introduced to operational accounting and various management tools to include accounts and cost codes, work in progress reports, cost to complete reports, backlog reports, and sales pipeline reports.
This course will bring understanding to financial projections, cash drivers, cash management and financial benchmarking with use of the AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey Report. If time allows, it will also review open book management, contribution margin analysis, estimates and cost tracking, along with banking and surety relationships.
Speakers will include Sebastien DesMarais, president at Hollywood Woodwork, an employee-owned architectural millwork company based in Hollywood, Florida and Tim Northup, finance professional with experience in both Fortune 500 and middle market companies and current CFO for Stiles Machinery.
The seminar will be held at Great In Counters’ brand new location at 100 Whipple St. in Providence. Click here to register.