Union Members Keep Communities Clean during COVID-19 Pandemic

Teamsters Local 25 member Douglas Cruz, steward at Capitol Waste

Boston – Teamsters Local 25 members are working on the front lines in many jobs and industries during the COVID-19, including the unsung heroes in the Local 25 Waste Division. In Quincy, Teamsters Local 25 drivers working for Capitol Waste are working hard to keep the trash moving in neighborhoods and business districts.

During the best of times, being a sanitation driver is among the most dangerous jobs in our nation.  But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the danger and risk is greatly increased. Teamster waste division members are putting their health on the line during the pandemic while also encountering dangerous materials on the job, including hospital gowns, needles, biohazard bags, ventilator tubes, discarded gloves and masks. This is all in addition to everyday dangers inherent with their jobs.

Teamsters Local 25 members Dave Brennan of Plymouth and Frank Amodeo of Brockton, who both work for Capitol Waste, working in Quincy to keep trash moving and to keep residential and business neighborhoods clean during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teamsters Local 25 Waste Division members are working throughout the region for Capitol Waste and other companies such as Jet-a-Way, Republic Services, Sunrise Scavenger, Carney Recycling Solutions, Owens Hauling and Waste Support. Teamsters Local 25 of Boston is the largest Teamsters union in New England with more than 12,500 members.