ULI Boston/New England Joins American Cities Climate Challenge

Boston – The Boston/New England District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) announced its participation in the American Cities Climate Challenge, a multi-year competition that invites cities across America to propose ways to deepen and accelerate their efforts to tackle climate change.

Launched in 2018, 20 cities were initially accepted as participants by the Challenge’s selection committee. Five additional cities have since been added to the challenge, including Boston.

In partnership with the City of Boston, Boston Department of Transportation, and the Boston Planning and Development Agency, ULI is assisting with the city’s efforts to tackle climate change and promote a sustainable future for the residents of Greater Boston.

Starting with two transportation workshops in February, ULI has begun convening stakeholders (developers, transportation planners, permitting attorneys, and architects) on behalf of the City of Boston, informing them of the transportation development policies created by the city and sharing feedback with the city’s Climate Challenge representatives and policy makers.

ULI has conducted two workshops to date, the first of which focused on a parking maximums pilot followed by a transportation demand management point system for large-scale developments.

The 25 “Leadership Cities” span a broad spectrum of demographics, geography, political affiliation, and state legislative political party. The participating cities are in the process of creating building and transportation policies that will showcase a variety of different pathways to achieving climate goals as the cities find themselves at different points in their climate action journeys, ranging from early support for emissions reductions to strong track records of innovative emissions reduction success.

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