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UConn Campus Energy Systems Upgraded

University of Connecticut (UConn) central utility plant upgrades / Photos courtesy of BOND Building

Storrs, CT – BOND Building Construction, Inc. of Boston has completed work on the Central Utility Plant (CUP) project for the University of Connecticut (UConn). BOND constructed a more efficient and flexible chiller plant and upgraded the existing units that were underperforming as demand increased. The CUP was completed in support of UConn’s broader initiatives aimed at expanding high-tech teaching, learning, and research capabilities with an increased focus on STEM.

The scope of work consisted of replacing four gas fired chillers, heat exchangers, and pumps as well as the cooling towers within the CUP. The project was executed employing multiple phases and strict shutdown durations. The system just completed its first summer of operation to demonstrate reliable performance.

In addition to the CUP project, BOND Building was selected to provide two additional construction management projects for UConn. The science quad supplemental utility plant (SUP) and the boiler plant and utility tunnel upgrades projects are being executed in parallel. The purpose of the SUP is to address the continued growth of new buildings on campus and the need for more capacity in the central energy systems.

The SUP is a multi-phased project that will increase the campus’ capacity for chilled water and on-site electrical generation. The boiler plant and tunnel upgrades will demolish three field erected boilers and replace them with two packaged units plus add steam generation capacity at the SUP. 

The ability for the BOND Building team to execute this complex work within a mission-critical plant without impacting operations is a key requirement.

“The work on the central utility plant was mission critical to campus operations and we were driven to deliver superior results for the client,” said Tim Peer, P.E., vice president of district energy for BOND. “Our team is grateful to our consultant partners and UConn for their hard work bringing this project to finalization. We are eagerly looking toward the future as we continue work on the supplemental utility plant and the CUP boiler replacement projects.”

 “UConn stands as a shining example of an institution with significant energy efficiency goals and planning for the future,” said Frank Hayes, president of BOND Building. “Our highly specialized work at the university will allow the campus energy systems to increase resiliency for extreme weather events and improve efficiency overall, in support of the university’s strategic growth.”