Turnstiles Help Secure Campuses

Example of Aeroturn X-Wing turnstile

Oxford, CT – Turnstile manufacturer Aeroturn LLC announced that the company’s turnstiles were selected for deployment at multiple locations of a major Biopharma manufacturer in North America. 

Over the years, Aeroturn has been instrumental in helping the Biopharma firm secure multiple campuses where security needs to be at the highest level.

With a phased approach, Aeroturn won Phase I in September of 2018 and deployed four lanes of its enhanced X-Wing turnstiles with custom LED’s that matched the corporate colors at the Biopharma company’s North American headquarters.

Phase II consisted of an additional 11 lanes of X-Wing turnstiles that were deployed the following year at another North American campus.

Aeroturn was selected once again in 2020 to complete Phase III with an additional eight lanes of turnstiles and the remaining to be deployed at the end of 2020 at the same campus.

Each location came with its own set of customized floor conditions, side entry cabling, and low-profile platforms when necessary, making this a customized turnstile solution. In addition, all work was performed off-hours and weekends to help minimize disruption at the facility at no additional cost to the Biopharma company.