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Triumph Modular Announces Partnership

Littleton, MA – Triumph Modular announced it is joining with Boston area design firms, Winslow Architects Inc. and GreenStaxx, to make housing more accessible using modular housing systems and fast-tracking the way it is designed and built.

Team members from Triumph Modular, GreenStaxx, and Winslow Architects have spent years planning the units and the process, and understanding all elements of modular construction. Representatives of the companies say modular construction can offer benefits over traditional stick-built construction methods, including a faster and more efficient design process, predictable costs, and a safer, controlled manufacturing environment. The modular housing can be finished to the owner’s design.

Using a proprietary modular system and a repetitive team approach, the firms aim to make a long-lasting contribution to affordable housing and student housing in New England. The team has worked for over three years on its latest student housing plans, also teaming up with KBS Manufacturing in Oxford, Maine, its choice as the manufacturer of the modular units.

Triumph Modular anchors the team with over 20 years of contracting with owners in pursuit of accelerated, high-performing construction.  GreenStaxx, specializing in prefabrication, is the “product designer” of efficient and highly sustainable modular units. Winslow Architects brings over 38 years of experience as a project architect for the design and construction of multifamily housing.

Glenn Cort, executive vice president of Triumph Modular, remarked, “I truly believe our approach is revolutionary in its potential ramifications on an industry that isn’t known for efficiency.”

“The key to utilizing the benefits of modular construction is standardization and a coordinated team,” said Arthur Klipfel, president and CEO of GreenStaxx. “With the GreenStaxx product and our assembled team, we are looking forward to some great projects.”

“Winslow Architects has found that modular design and construction has the potential to combine the benefits of efficiency and cost savings with high levels of energy sustainability and the ability to customize to each individual site,” said John Winslow, principal of Winslow Architects.

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