Timberline Rebuilds TGIF

TGIF - Braintree MA

Newly rebuilt TFIFriday’s

The $1.3 million restaurant project consisting of a 7,800sf gut renovation, new layout and face-lift was designed by Poole + Drennan Design Studio of Dallas, Texas. The redesigned space accommodates an occupancy of up to 337 people and features all new modern finishes, furniture, millwork, commercial kitchen equipment and MEP Modifications.

Timberline’s team completed the exterior renovation and build-out the new open floor plan layout designed around a large centrally located island-style bar. Part of the kitchen opens to the dining room, displaying a polished silver veneer illuminated by track lighting.

TGI Friday’s branded red color scheme and sporty flare is represented throughout. The restaurant utilizes industrial decor and a low-light cozy ambiance created by strategic lighting. The all leather seating is a mix of movable wooden furniture and build-in booths.

Exposed ceilings provide an industrial feel with modern design elements adding an aesthetic value and acoustical controls, while defining the various dining areas, which include raised pattern metallic ceiling tiles around the bar and red floating planks around the host station with a waiting area and surrounding seating.

Floating metallic disc-shaped “clouds” make up the ceiling design of the main dining area. This area also features a patriotic staggered block wall mural of the American flag. The overall design is meant to create a fun and energizing community dining experience with an innovative appeal.