Thomas A. Edison School Receives Donation

(l-r): Jacob Simmons, Izzy da Rosa, teacher; Barry Stallings, family Llaison; Laura Higgins, teacher; Noah Feltes, teacher; Dr. Charles Lower, EI Strand Behavioral Specialist; Melissa Saunders, teacher; Fernando Gutierrez, teacher

Boston – City Kids, a youth education nonprofit created by City Realty Group Managing Partners Fred Starikov and Stephen Whalen, donated $2,000 to support the Thomas A. Edison School’s Emotional Impairment Program.

The Thomas Edison School serves children in grades K1 through 8 in an environment that is nurturing, engaging, and rigorous.  Edison students learn to read, write, compute and think through a high expectations curriculum that includes academic and arts instruction every day.

City Realty Group vice president of project management, Jacob Simmons, met with students and faculty from the program to present them with a check for $2,000. City Kids is making this donation so that students have the resources they need to reach their full potential while helping them to develop the habits and skills to ultimately move away from such supports, and back into less restrictive settings.

“Programs such as The Emotional Impairment program here at the Edison School are crucial to the success of the youth growing up in the City of Boston, “said Simmons. “These are bright and creative children that can truly accomplish their goals with the help of people like Dr. Lower.”