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The Zip Syndicate Presents Curious Masterminds: This vs That with author Jay Williams

Join The Zip Syndicate for an interactive discussion featuring Jay Williams, author of the books, Leave Your Mark and This vs That. This live virtual book club event will be held on Wednesday, March 3, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Jay Williams

Influencing doesn’t require a title, it only requires certain thinking, behavior, and skills. Williams will begin the conversation by providing insights and practices for any leader in any industry, and introducing ways to leave your mark in the world and with the people around you.

The event will include discussions on topics such as the importance of specific words and tone when communicating with others, building trust, nurturing relationships, and keeping an open mind to allow for real growth and change. Prior to the event, participants can buy Williams’ book, This vs That, at

The Zip Syndicate’s Curious Masterminds series is a one-of-a-kind book club where all of the participants are panelists. Led by a curiosity coach, each session includes group discussions that allow shared exploration of new ideas and potential application in the real world.

The last year has presented a number of challenges, at times leaving us to focus only on the task at hand and often making it difficult to achieve forward momentum in our professional lives. The Zip Syndicate co-founder, Dorothy Pentzke, says, “More than ever, successful businesses depend on our ability to continue to learn and grow, and approach decisions and actions with purpose.”

In addition, Laura Cooley, co-founder of The Zip Syndicate, says, “We spend so much time in the corporate universe to cover policy, procedures, compliance, and safety, but it’s very structured and there’s little sensitivity to the individuality of the people wanting to learn more about what they’re curious about and interested in. At the Zip Syndicate, we’re giving people the opportunity to make their own connections and to think on their own.” She says, “Having a place to explore your own curiosity helps in your own personal and professional growth and helps maintain motivation, especially during times of crisis.”

The Zip Syndicate will also be hosting an exploration entitled, “Cognitive Bias – How do you keep from making systematic errors as you process and interpret?” on Tues, Feb. 16, and a discussion entitled “How do you effectively get a message across to an audience?” on Friday, Feb. 26. Both sessions will be moderated by Nancy Greenwald, executive director of the Construction Institute.

To learn more about the Zip Syndicate’s Explorations and Curious Masterminds interactive discussions, or to register for an event, visit

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