The Real Cost of Safety

James H. Eacott, III, chairman; Marko Kaar, director of safety operations;  Presenter, Rich McElhaney;  Thomas Panczner, president/CEO; and Noal Jenkins, COO

Bloomfield, CT – Bartlett Brainard Eacott, Inc. (BBE), a GC/CM firm headquartered in Bloomfield, sponsored “The Real Cost of Safety” program on March 26. BBE invited over 100 clients, subcontractors and building officials to be guests at this candid presentation.

The program covered the importance of preplanning, the culture of safety, and the far-reaching effects of injuries and fatalities on construction sites and their impacts on the families, co-workers, and the company.

A world-class presenter, Rich McElhaney, is a close business friend of Marko Kaar, director of safety operations for BBE. He has over 25 years of diverse safety experience working with major contracting firms on multi-billion dollar projects.