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The Mystery of Ships Ladders.

by Shawn Gosselin

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Ships ladder used at University of New Hampshire

A “Ships ladder” in an industry term for a ladder that is on a fixed angle versus a ladder on a straight 90 degree run. This type of ladder can be used on exterior and interior applications where the footprint space is available and an easier climb is desired. Roof, mezzanine, loading dock, and crossover (over  ducts, rooftop pipe system) are all typical Ships ladder access applications. Generally speaking, the industry standard of climbing angles for Ships ladders fall between 60-75 degrees.

Some of the basic requirements are as follows:

• 20 foot max height,

• Minimum tread width is 16”,

• Minimum live load is 250 lbs (ANSI) & 200 lbs (OSHA),

• Treads spacing uniform throughout, max 12”,

• First tread is level with the walk off/exit point,

• Handrail to extend 42” above walk off point,

• 7” clearance from center of the rung to the wall or nearest object

The next time your project requires a fixed access ladder a Ships ladder might be the perfect solution. Ease of climb and climber safety rank among the top reasons to consider a Ships ladder.

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Shawn Gosselin is sales manager at UPNOVR Inc.