Tecton Staff Announcements

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Jeff McElravy

Hartford, CT – Tecton Architects announced the promotion of Jeff McElravy to principal.  Nationally recognized in public safety design, McElravy carves out a key leadership role in providing focused expertise to clients.In addition to advancing the market since his hire in 2007 McElravy has mentored and promoted a transformative work culture at Tecton, extending his skill set to workplace environments for corporate clients as well.

The firm also recently hired Barbara Joslin as senior project manager.  She has a wealth of municipal experience with a special emphasis on library design

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Barbara Joslin

Her most recent work includes a 90,000sf, $30 million project, the Effat University Library and Cultural Center in Jeddah, Saud Arabia.

A previous design firm owner, Best-Joslin, and most recently as a Studio Director at JCJ Architecture, Joslin brings an expansive client base as well as a high level of respect within the industry both nationally and internationally.