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SVK Fiber Cement Panels Fit Any Project

SVK Etterbeek

Submitted by Lockheed Window Corp. 

Pascoag RI – Lockheed Window Corp., a local commercial construction company, recently announced new additions to its existing product and service offerings, that have historically included curtainwall, entrance, storefront, passage door, and window systems.

Lockheed, recognized as an authorized fabricator and installer of SVK high-density fiber cement panels in the United States, provides in-house shop drawing, engineering, and fabrication services for SVK’s Decoboard, PuroPlus, and Colormat façade panels in addition to the installation of all SVK panel types.

These panel systems provide many different shape, size, and color options, fitting any design.

With these premium panel systems, Lockheed customers will now enjoy a wide range of benefits that include energy efficiency, nonflammability, high durability, resistance to harsh weather, and no sealing or treatment postinstallation.

These extremely high-quality panel systems allow for unlimited variations and combinations that are sure to enhance the design of any commercial construction or renovation project. Each panel system now offered by Lockheed offers aesthetic, quality, and durability, creating a dynamic design fit for any project.

Lockheed has trained its field teams to be experts in the installation of all newly offered façade systems, ensuring a precision fit and an impeccable end result. 

Utrecht, the Netherlands