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Surveying and Engineering Firm Launches Subsurface Mobile Mapping System

Boston – DGT Associates announced the ownership and launch of a state-of-the-art, subsurface mobile mapping system, the latest advancement to the firm’s existing Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM) service line.

With ownership of this mobile underground mapping system, DGT can increase service offerings to clients, deliver data at enhanced rates, and transform the industry as one of the few surveying and engineering firms in the nation to own a 3D radar unit.

DGT has been involved in underground mapping for more than 25 years. This technological expansion will enable the firm to map information underground more safely, quickly, and accurately. DGT will continue serving existing clients in higher education, transportation, industrial, residential and commercial development sectors, as well as partnering with new clients, including utility owners and other surveying and engineering firms around the United States.

The mobile mapping system was built with a special structure. While traditional systems are trailer-based, DGT’s system is form factored to the vehicle and tailored to collect data at higher speeds than traditional collection approaches; the system will allow for easier data collection in large areas and traffic zones and keep employees safer inside the vehicle.