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Suffolk Diversification and New Brand Identity

Expands services beyond construction into vertical service lines

Submitted by Suffolk Construction

Suffolk conference room / Photos by Lou Jones

Boston – Suffolk unveiled a diversification strategy focused on leveraging its core competency of construction and expanding into additional service lines to create a fully-integrated platform that adds value for clients across the entire building lifecycle. As part of the strategy, Suffolk launched a contemporary brand positioning and identity that reflects the company’s forward-thinking outlook, reflects its broader future ambitions, and differentiates the company and its unique business model and capabilities.

Diversification Strategy

Suffolk’s diversification strategy will focus on expanding services beyond its core construction capabilities into vertical service lines, positioning it as an end-to-end business capable of delivering on its value proposition: “Invest. Innovate. Build.” Suffolk’s knowledge of every project phase, proven constructability expertise and integration across adjacent vertical service lines will unlock synergies in each step of the construction process, delivering faster, better outcomes for clients.

Suffolk co-lab

Suffolk’s vertical service lines include real estate funding, design, technology investment, and research and development. Suffolk will continue leveraging its core competencies and expertise by providing valuable construction management and building services for clients. The company understands a strong core business is critical to the success and sustainability of its vertical integration strategy. As a result of its diversification strategy, Suffolk will be positioned to add value across the entire lifecycle of a building, from investing at the earliest stages of development to design, materials purchasing, risk management, construction management and self-perform services during the design/construction stage and facilities management after the building is completed and operational.

Brand Identity

Suffolk’s refined brand identity symbolizes the evolution of the business and reflects a forward-thinking strategy and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Building on the equity in the core business, the brand identity lays the foundation for expansion and elasticity beyond the traditional construction category. The new brand is different from any other in the industry, in a category in which marketing and brand are often overlooked.

Suffolk engaged MullenLowe to help develop strategic positioning, articulate the company’s “why” and greater purpose, and design a new visual identity. Suffolk’s new tagline, logo and wordmark are the most visible expressions of this rebranding and strategic effort. Suffolk’s new tagline, “Prove impossible wrong,” is a bold, ambitious call to action that supports its greater purpose to redefine what is possible, challenge boundaries and dream big. Suffolk’s first-ever logo is welcoming, adaptable and precise, symbolizing the balance between what is possible and impossible. Suffolk’s new color palette includes a carefully blended shade of red and blue that stands alone in its category, offers a nod to the colors associated with Suffolk’s brand for 35 years and provides a visual representation of Suffolk’s shift into a new era.