Stantec Becomes Fitwel Champion

Boston – Stantec, a designer of sustainable and resilient environments, has become a Fitwel Champion, further solidifying its commitment to supporting the health of employees and communities.

Fitwel is a global health workplace certification system, providing design and operational strategies to improve building occupant health and productivity. It was created as a joint initiative by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the General Services Administration and is administered by the Center for Active Design (CfAD).

Health-focused rating systems respond to growing demand from building occupants for healthier workplaces. Fitwel certification evaluates current health and wellness attributes, and provides a road map for building owners and managers to prioritize and implement health-focused improvements.

Stantec has committed to achieving Fitwel certification for three of its own offices (Boston, Denver, and Toronto) and to initiate a program which will eventually grow to include more offices. The firm’s Boston office recently achieved Stantec’s first Fitwel certification.


 Stantec will advise building and design colleagues and commercial clients about the Fitwel Certification System.

“We want to send a clear message about our commitment to the health and wellness space through this strategic partnership,” says Lisa Killaby, vice president, and leader for interior design.  First, we aim to promote health-centered design principals through designing our own office spaces using the Fitwel system. This has major implications, considering we are an expanding global practice designing everything from buildings to bridges to infrastructure.

Second, we want to send a clear message to our staff that we not only care about them, but are also actively engaged around their health and wellbeing as an attractor for top talent. Finally, we see this as a major opportunity to engage our clients’ projects and to help them promote positive health outcomes for they and their constituents moving forward.”

Reena Agarwal, chief operating officer at the Center for Active Design, welcomed the new Fitwel Champion, observing, “Stantec is recognized globally as leader in designing projects that support quality of life within communities and we are thrilled to partner with them to advance health impact through the use of Fitwel. By becoming a Fitwel Champion, Stantec is joining industry leading companies using the best of technology and science to promote the health of its employees and surrounding communities. Stantec’s further participation on the Fitwel Advisory Council will assist us in ensuring Fitwel’s strength and rigor as its application across sectors expands in the coming years.

With more than 22,000 employees in 400 offices Stantec is uniquely qualified to apply Fitwel for its own work force and to optimize building design for healthy outcomes for commercial owners, developers, and operations managers