Standard Builders’ CEID Project Selected for 2014 AIA Award

Professor’s office overlooks work stations and mezzanine hallway.

Professor’s office overlooks work stations and mezzanine hallway.

Hartford, CT – Standard Builders’ Becton Center for Engineering Innovation & Design and Ground Cafe (CEID) project at Yale has been selected for the 2014 AIA Small Project Award. The project, with its highly innovative learning space, will be displayed at the AIA Small Project Practitioner’s Award Gallery from June 25 – 28 at the 2014 AIA National Convention in Chicago. Charney Architects (School of Engineering) and Bentel & Bentel (Ground Cafe) served as architects for this technically advanced project.

“Standard Builders’ presence on the project was incredibly valuable – taking on above and beyond what a Construction Manager should have to take on relative to mechanical system relocation and dealing with the abandoned and inactive equipment within the building,” stated Tim Cohen of Charney Architects.

The new 8,500 sq. ft. space was designed to promote collaboration among teachers and students of many different fields of study and to provide an area where they can test their ideas in a real world setting.  The space is equipped with an expansive, light-filled studio of modular workstations, a machine shop, a wood shop, a wet lab, as well as lecture and meeting rooms and a café.  A large, open space studio on the ground floor, with floor to ceiling windows, allows passersby a view into the workspace.

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