Stand Out with Innovative STEM Labs

An AI lab by RobotLAB


With technology rapidly advancing, the skills companies need for their employees are evolving. In turn, educators are tasked with staying on top of the changes to attract top students to their schools and programs, and there are endless lab equipment choices for them to choose from for their labs. As an architect designing brand new labs, you can help by integrating technology that will be relevant to STEM programs for years to come.

RobotLab and ZSpace are two tech solutions making a difference in cutting-edge STEM labs. AI Labs from RobotLAB teach students how to apply abstract AI concepts to real-life scenarios with turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning stations. ZSpace brings learning to life with immersive AR/VR solutions. Here’s more about what they offer:

Forward-thinking Lab Technology

RobotLAB AI Labs and ZSpace learning solutions teach students forward-thinking skills that will be increasingly relevant for jobs over the next decade. They learn about industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, robotics, space exploration, smart cities, and more in a deeply engaging way. These innovative topics contribute to the longevity of a new lab for a school.

High-tech Design Configurations

Schools want a lab that will stand out, and seeing RobotLAB AI Labs or ZSpace will stop people in their tracks. Their high-tech designs attract motivated students who will make the school proud. The technology also comes in modular configurations to adapt to any lab layout and design.

There are many options and factors to consider when selecting technology solutions for STEM labs, even among the choices available from RobotLAB and ZSpace. It’s essential to ensure labs are outfitted with technology that will best fit the school’s curriculum goals, and AET Labs can partner with you in helping you make the optimal selections.