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SMPS Hosts BD Live Swap

(l-r) Aurora Cammarata, BD Nelson; Ed ORourke, Commodore; Matthew Purcell, USNH; Sean Murphy, Liberty Mutual; Kristin Poulin, Structure Tone; Sara McGillicuddy, Acentech; Sara Holton, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Catherin Walsh, Northeastern University / photo: Olivia Gorman

Boston – High-Profile attended the SMPS Boston “BD Live Swap” program held recently at Allsteel, 100 State Street. The program provided a unique opportunity to engage with business development experts and their invited clients.

BD professionals and their clients shared experiences with groups of 10 attendees for 20 minutes each; then, attendees “swapped” to the next expert, allowing for an opportunity to exchange knowledge on one or two predetermined BD topics.

Participants were able to learn about identifying the right opportunities to connect, build relationships, and win repeat business.

Upcoming SMPS Boston events include Marketing Boot Camp April 23, and MERGE|SMPS Northeast REgional Conference May 1.