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SLAM Proud to Sponsor Achieve Hartford!’s November Spelling Bee



Hartford, CT – The S/L/A/M Collaborative is a platinum sponsor of the 2014 Achieve Hartford! annual fundraising event “Community Spelling Bee,” scheduled to be held Nov. 6 at the Theater of the Performing Arts in Hartford.

This community event has grown in popularity since it began in 2006 with 160 participants. Last year, the event drew 300 supporters. Javier Colon, singer, songwriter, and 2011 winner of The Voice, was the event’s featured guest and host.

Achieve Hartford!, an initiative of the MetroHartford Alliance, is an independent nonprofit that collaborates with parents, business owners, and community leaders to find solutions for improving the quality of education provided by Hartford Public Schools.


The mission of the alliance is to raise awareness around education issues in Hartford; hold leadership, officials and the community accountable for district improvement; and, engage parents, business, and community and school leaders to participate in education improvement.

“This event draws the attention of the entire community, from students, parents, and educators to policy makers, community and business leaders, to the positive and enthusiastic efforts of the Hartford Public School system,” said Glenn Gollenberg, AIA, and SLAM principal.


According to Gollenberg, SLAM’s market sector leader for K-12 public education, the quality of public education everywhere foretells our future. “The combination of Achieve Hartford! knowledge with the support of local business is a powerful force that can help improve the quality of education in Hartford Public Schools.”

“When we design a school we strive for a thorough knowledge of each school’s history and mission, as well as the faculty, students and staff who use its buildings,” Robert F. Pulito, AIA, SLAM president said of the 150-person multi-disciplined design firm’s philosophy. “We believe the design of learning environments must reflect and enhance the vision and teaching methodology of each school. SLAM’s planning and design promotes spontaneity, innovation and collaboration; encourages interdisciplinary study and problem-solving skills; accommodates changing technology; and most importantly, celebrates the value of learning itself.”