SLAM Designs Expanded ER Department

A new patient room in the patient care unit of the emergency room department at Mt. San Rafael Hospital / Photo by Bob Soman Photography

Denver – The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM), formerly CBRE | Heery Design Group, in partnership with Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, Colo., recently completed renovations to the new $25 million, 8,900sf, two-story emergency room department (ED) addition, as part of an overall 31,000sf renovation project designed to improve the delivery of care for the community and modernize the hospital’s image and brand.

SLAM’s design team completed both exterior and interior facility upgrades, following the hospital’s last modernization initiative in 1972. The building’s exterior combines metal panel cladding, stucco, and curtain wall, with accents of the region’s indigenous Colorado sandstone. On approach to the front entry is a garden that includes a meandering stone path with strategically placed and locally sourced boulders and a few native trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plantings.

The interior architecture of the new emergency department was designed with safety in mind for patients, visitors, and staff. The emergency room department and imaging services are located on the first floor, where site-lines were maximized for visual control from all corners of the department. Throughout the hospital corridors, many spaces were designed to complement and serve as a backdrop for artwork by local artists.

The second floor is home to an expanded 14-bed patient care unit, along with a new central plant. An increase in capacity of the patient rooms went from 205sf to 290sf, providing enhanced views of the outdoors and to better accommodate visits from family members.

Spaces throughout the department are closely linked to ensure ease of patient transport between the ER and radiology, for example, which is now condensed into one area. Also new are an Inova Emergency Medical Associates triage room and consultation rooms for meetings between patients’ families and physicians.

“This is an exciting time at Mt. San Rafael Hospital and Clinics,” said John Tucker, Mt. San Rafael Hospital CEO.  “This project means a lot to everyone, from the physician team and every tier of our staff to our community of patients and their families. We are thrilled to see it come together. This dream, this project, has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The building and its amenities bring the best parts of medicine and design together, while using influences from our local community so our guests can feel at home, welcome and comfortable while receiving the highest quality of patient care.  We are grateful to have such an amazing addition to our campus that will provide benefits to all those we serve for many years to come.”

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