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ShelterZoom Launches New Technology

New York – ShelterZoomÔ recently announced the company’s launch of its new, blockchain-based real estate online offer platform, ShelterZoom.

The Ethereum blockchain technology at the core of ShelterZoom’s digitized offer packages provides the industry’s first solution for generating highly secure and interoperable agreements.

Real estate companies and realtors, as well as state and regional MLS organizations and industry analysts, will benefit from ShelterZoom’s services because the company’s first software release will cover a wide swath of the U.S. real estate industry, with future expansion to international markets.

ShelterZoom provides a powerful dashboard, a widget and a mobile app enabling buyers and buyer agents to instantly submit offers from any online real estate listing. ShelterZoom’s Offer NOW widget and platform transform the real estate offer process for realtors, buyers, sellers, agents and Multiple Listing Service orgs, with unprecedented convenience, interoperability and transparency – for faster deals and better outcomes.

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