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SCI Completes Bay Cove Human Services Project


Bay Cove Human Services Apartment Building

Boston – South Coast Improvement Company recently completed work at a specialized staffed apartment complex belonging to Bay Cove Human Services. These apartments house individuals in need of support due to various conditions including developmental disabilities and more.

All of the bathrooms and kitchens were upgraded at the staffed home in Dorchester. Additionally, South Coast Improvement Company did a complete fit-out of a new community center in the basement of the building. New windows were installed and new finishes were provided throughout the building. This $950,000 project was completed in five months.


Beyond satisfaction of the client’s expectation for quality, time and price, Project Manager John Alessandrini took extra steps to satisfy job policy goals set by the Office of Boston by assembling his team of subcontractors with a number of locals and minorities and female workers.

The goals concern the total number of hours work on a job site, and what percent of those hours are worked by people who live in designated local areas, belong to a minority, or are female. The Office of Boston has determined that 50% of workers should be residents, 25% should be minorities, and 10% should be female. John and the subcontractors we able to assemble a team that awarded 4% of the work to female workers, 51% to local residents and an impressive 64% to minorities.

South Coast Improvement Company has experienced remarkable work by subcontractors in different cities, of different races and of different genders. The company stands by the belief that quality of work is never dependent on these identifiers. SCI has a diverse network built on consistently professional and quality cooperative services that can be relied on. The proven skill and dedication of this long list of subcontractors serves as a reliable resource for the general contractor to choose from with absolute certainty that expectations for performance will be met, lending opportunity to make choices based on approaching, meeting and even exceeding demographic goals.

Bay Cove Health Services  manages over 25 staffed homes throughout Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts. Many of these facilities are fully equipped for complex medical nursing support. In these facilities it is important that both the functionality and atmosphere come together to create the best possible experience for the residents. South Coast Improvement Company has performed exemplary renovation work for many healthcare providers for years, and looks to continue work in the future for this great organization that aims to provide the best care and most authentic living for the wonderful people they support.