Safety Week Extends to Local Community

CEO Les Hiscoe, COO Reza Amirkhalili, and Shaun Carvalho did a safety tour at the Harvard University, Lewis International Law Center renovation project

Shaun Carvalho participates in a working safely at heights training

Boston – Shawmut Design and Construction hosted its 12th annual Safety Week with a hybrid of in-person and virtual trainings that focused on ensuring the safety of everyone in the Shawmut network, extending beyond the jobsite to reach families and the local community.

“This year’s Safety Week not only focused on educating and training our teams, but also those who are impacted by their work, their families and the communities where we build,” said Shaun Carvalho, chief safety officer.

More than 500 events and training sessions were held across 150 locations, including jobsites and Shawmut’s ten offices around the country, demonstrating the firm’s continued commitment to safety and building on its world-class safety program.

Members of the Los Angeles office, including Executive Vice President Greg Skalaski and safety leaders, watched a screening of a safety video and held a discussion in the theater

The purpose of the event was to highlight the importance of forward-looking accountability and servant leadership, a pivotal point of Shawmut’s culture of safety, and celebrate safety achievements. From 2019-2020, Shawmut saw a 53% reduction in OSHA recordable incidents and a 22% increase in engagement with the company’s safety programs and processes.

Shawmut executives also announced the launch of a Technology Pilot Program, which will pilot eight new software/hardware safety solutions in 2021 that enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement in safety; subcontractor qualification; and advance the use of wearable technology to increase worker safety and aid in the prevention of and response to injury.

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