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Robinson+Cole Forms Sustainability Cross-Practice Team

Hartford, CT – Robinson+Cole recently announced that lawyers from a variety of its practice areas have formally come together to form an interdisciplinary sustainability group.

Comprised of lawyers with deep experience and a history of collaborating to handle sustainability issues related to energy, environmental, tax, intellectual property, real estate, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and construction matters, the team is positioned to offer clients a comprehensive approach to incorporating sustainable designs and practices into their business.

The lawyers in the group routinely counsel clients on addressing sustainable practices such as using renewable and alternative energy, recycling and conserving water and other resources, financing green initiatives, following LEED and green construction practices, implementing corporate sustainability programs, managing climate change risks through adaption and mitigation, and establishing clean-tech ventures.

Team members include:

Hartford office — Kenneth C. Baldwin, Alexander W. Judd, and Joey Lee Miranda: energy; Michael F. Maglio: finance; Robert S. Melvin: environmental; Martin A. Onorato: construction; David M. Panico: public finance.
Boston office — Brian W. Blaesser and Jerome L. Garciano: real estate and development; Kathleen M. Porter: intellectual property.
New London office — John P. Casey: land use.
Providence office — Richard M. Fil: environmental; Rickie M. Sonpal and Joseph B. White: business transactions.
Miami office — Sorell E. Negro: real estate and development.
New York office — Theresa A. Omansky: real estate and development.