Revitalizing Watertown



Before construction

Editor’s note:  reprinted from DiPrete Engineering’s newsletter posted on

Watertown, MA – DiPrete Engineering is working in collaboration with Studio Troika, the project architect, and property owner, Mitchell Kassler of Edgewater Properties, on the revitalization of 150 Coolidge Avenue — a 26,000sf building in the heart of Watertown’s new development.

DiPrete is providing civil engineering design services to enhance the existing infrastructure servicing the building — improving the pedestrian and vehicular movements — and to maximize the efficiency of the onsite parking.

This one-acre property is advantageously located in close proximity to The Arsenal Project — a significant mixed-use redevelopment project.


After construction

The existing building at 150 Coolidge Avenue will be retrofitted with a new prominent front entry. In addition, an improved site will feature upgrades to the existing parking lot, landscaping, and infrastructure.  The building will eventually be occupied by office and commercial tenants.


“We are very excited to be working alongside such a dynamic team,” said Brian Timm, Senior Project Manager at DiPrete Engineering.  “Especially on a project that will continue the revitalization of this up and coming area of metro Boston.”