Report Addresses Suicide in Construction

National – Workwear Guru recently released a report addressing suicide rates among construction workers, after interviewing several mental health experts, statisticians and health and safety professionals who deem suicide prevention a sine qua non in the employee health and wellness efforts.

The aim of the study is to educate and encourage all stakeholders to use all the resources available, familiarize themselves with the problem and better implement suicide prevention strategies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the construction industry has one of the worst records for employee mental health and suicides, and that male workers that work in construction have a 65% higher rate than all U.S. male workers.

The report highlights several factors that lead to suicide among construction workers. They include high work-pressure environments, work at remote locations, the “tough-guy” mentality, and opioid dependency (26% opioid-related overdose deaths came from the construction industry, according to The Massachusetts Department of Public Health).

According to the report, breaking the taboo about depression and suicidal thoughts is the most effective way to deal with mental health issues in the workplace. Greg Sizemore, vice president of health, safety, environment, and workforce development at Associated Builders and Contractors, says every organization needs to build a culture of openness in dealing with mental health, suicide, and addiction.

To view the report, click here.