Rensselaer Names New Co-Directors

Dennis Shelden

Troy, NY – Dennis Shelden and Robert Karlicek, the heads of two research centers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will serve as co-directors of the new Rensselaer Institute for Energy, the Built Environment, and Smart Systems (EBESS).

Karlicek spent over 30 years in industrial research and management positions with corporations including AT&T Bell Labs, EMCORE, G.E., Gore Photonics, Microsemi, Luminus Devices, and SolidUV.

Shelden has held leadership positions at Arup, Trimble, and Consultants’ Computation Bureau. He co-founded the spinoff company Gehry Technologies.

Robert Karlicek

President Shirley Ann Jackson recently announced the launch of the new New York City based institute. Fusing architectural design and engineering, EBESS will create sustainable infrastructure that is both net-zero and climate-resilient through the use of renewable energy systems, sentient building platforms, and new materials.

“In order to address the large-scale challenges of climate change, we’re going to need to bring together capabilities across the polytechnic spectrum that Rensselaer represents,” said Shelden.

“Buildings still have a lot of work to do to be much more energy efficient and reduce their overall carbon footprint,” Karlicek said. “At Rensselaer, we are at the forefront of leading change in this direction.”

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