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ReArch Properties Fuels Resonant Link’s Growth with New Office in Technology Park

South Burlington, VT – ReArch Properties and Resonant Link announced that Resonant Link has expanded into a new office in Technology Park, continuing its growth and setting it up for continued expansion.

Resonant Link, a wireless power provider for implantable medical devices, industrial electric vehicles, and more, has hired more than 30 new team members in the past year. Team members work from Resonant Link’s new headquarters in South Burlington; co-working spaces in San Francisco, Boston, and Zurich; and remotely from more than a dozen states in the U.S. and Europe. The new headquarters is a 20,000sf space located at 530 Community Drive in South Burlington, which was previously occupied by the diagnostics healthcare company Aspenti Health.

Resonant Link’s new home is half lab space and half office space, which the company says is ideal for its exponential growth plans. The high bay industrial space features exposed piping and ductwork, as well as solar tubes that fill the space with natural light even on cloudy days. This reduces the need for LED lighting and allows for saving on energy costs.

To facilitate a seamless transition to Technology Park and the next stage of growth for Resonant Link, ReArch Properties worked with Resonant Link on an initial rebrand of its space. ReArch Properties brought in Sammel Sign Company to create new signage so that Resonant Link could start welcoming its Fortune 100 customers, partners, and visitors on site for meetings and live product demonstrations.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Resonant Link joining us here at Technology Park,” noted Michael Biama, ReArch Properties vice president of development and property management. “Their focus on using breakthrough wireless charging to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive represents exactly the kind of company and culture that makes Tech Park so special. We are grateful to have a front row seat for Resonant Link’s success and can’t wait to see what comes next!”

“It’s clear that ReArch is invested in helping us grow, and that they care about the space and the companies on a personal level,” said Aaron Stein, Resonant Link’s co-founder and CTO. “They worked with us to make sure we had everything we needed, which was especially important for the lab space in which our team designs and develops our wireless chargers. They’ve been a true partner and are committed to Vermont businesses.”