Corporate Restoration/Renovation

ReArch, OE Complete GFC Office Renovation

Gallagher, Flynn & Company’s South Burlington headquarters - main entrance / Photos courtesy of ReArch Company

Burlington, VT – Construction manager ReArch Company, in partnership with Office Environments, Inc., a regional full-service contract furniture and architectural interior provider, announced the completion of a renovation of Gallagher, Flynn & Company’s (GFC) South Burlington headquarters.

GFC, a northern New England independent CPA and business advisory firm, wanted to reimagine its traditional workplace, so it better aligned with today’s new hybrid work environments. The project’s underlying goal was to move from a “place to work” for employees to a “desired destination” where team members could easily collaborate, problem solve and mentor a new generation of accounting professionals in both formal and informal settings. The focus was on using space to better attract and retain talent, promote transparency, and emphasize brand and culture.

Focus room

The team began by replacing conventional drywall office fronts with glass storefronts to allow for improved natural light, exterior views, and a sense of openness between the offices and center core work areas. While existing workstations within the center core were reduced in size, they were updated with a variety of amenities that supported both permanent and hoteling work styles. A major emphasis was put on creating a variety of meeting and collaboration settings that included focus rooms, smaller meeting rooms, a formal conference room, a MS Teams meeting room for combined in-house and remote meetings, a training room, and a variety of informal social spaces designed to encourage team development and greater collaboration.

Reimagined office

Lighting, carpet, finish, and paint upgrades were used to define the individual areas or “neighborhoods” while providing a coherent brand identity throughout the 11,200sf office space. Central to this was the main entrance, which not only hosts a reception and a waiting area but also incorporates less formal collaborative settings where the GFC team can work collectively or with individual clients. This area features a strong brand awareness and digital media wall that reinforces the GFC mission. It’s also strategically situated to the formal conference room and MS Teams meeting rooms to act as a breakout area for those meeting spaces.

Modular in design, the floor plate and furnishings include architectural elements and a kit of parts that’s dynamic and changeable, thereby future proofing the space both functionally and financially, according to ReArch Company representatives.

Upon renovation completion, Jason Hamilton, managing partner at GFC, commented, “We’ve worked with ReArch and OE for many years, and they continue to exceed our expectations as business partners. Together with our team, they helped us design and build a space that plays an important role in shaping the next generation of the GFC brand and our commitment to innovation in the way we work. We are proud to showcase our office space with colleagues and clients alike and are grateful to ReArch and OE for their work.”