RE Firm Earns National Recognition, Announces new Branding and HQ

Boston – Cruz Companies, a Black-owned construction and real estate development and management enterprise, has unveiled new corporate branding and a new headquarters building as it earns awards and new project wins. The new look and honors come as Cruz Companies grows nationally and implements a number of new company initiatives and enhancements.

John Cruz and Justin Cruz

Honored recently by regional advocates of affordable housing and community development as well as the global awards program “Brands That Matter” by Fast Company Magazine, Cruz Companies has been recognized for “Enduring Impact” and its “commitment to dismantling legacies of systemic inequity with a deep focus on economic empowerment and building community wealth.”

“After 75 years of growth and hard work, we are delighted to earn this recognition from such disparate and highly respected groups,” said Justin Cruz, who has been elevated to chief operating officer of Cruz Companies. “It is a credit to our team and our time-tested processes for creating attractive, attainable communities that we continue to operate today.”

Cruz Companies has “demonstrated committed leadership and a relentless focus on ‘community, quality & integrity’ to overcome local histories of redlining, displacement and disinvestment,” according to Fast Company’s Brands That Matter. “Since founding 75 years ago by the son of Cape Verdean immigrants, this third-generation, family-held business creates enduring impact through dedication to affordable housing, community service, and nurturing ecosystems of BIPOC-owned businesses, including 50-plus suppliers and contractors.”

Cruz Companies’ new branding

The headquarters for Cruz Companies features signage with a new brand logo and graphics, all designed by Chicago agency a5 with C.C. Sullivan, updating the company’s identity in new variations of Cape Verde green. “Our new brand image represents the emerging generation of leadership and the sophisticated yet sensitive business processes we’re continually improving to benefit the neighborhoods we champion around the country,” said CEO John B. Cruz III. “While we can never forget where we’ve come from, we are committed to a future of greater equity and opportunity — that’s why chose our brand rallying cry, ‘Pioneering Progress, Empowering Communities.’”