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RE Firm Announces Partnership

Boston – Senné,  a real estate advisory and investment firm, announced its partnership with real estate development company, Savage Properties.

Senné has been named the property management company for Savage’s newly renovated apartments in the Mission Hill, Longwood Medical, Somerville and Medford neighborhoods.

Savage Properties is a real estate development company led by husband and wife team, Jason and Melanie Savage. The company launched in 2000 and has built a large portfolio of primarily residential apartment properties concentrated in the Mission Hill and the Longwood Medical areas, with recent expansion into Somerville and Medford.

The team specializes in the development and repositioning of vacant or underutilized properties, aiming to revitalize and transform them into premium rentals and homes for Bostonians. While working to restore and reintroduce these properties to the area, Savage also remains committed to the architectural preservation and recognition of the buildings, their history, and the surrounding community.

Senné will work with Savage on properties that offer an ideal mix of sophistication, high-end quality living, with proximity to the neighborhood’s hospitals, universities, restaurants, shops and public transportation.

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