Publisher’s Message: Women in Construction 2022

Ayesca Machado, apprentice with Pipefitters Local 537

This is High-Profile’s fourth annual Women in Construction supplement! I’m proud to share the inspiring stories of women in architecture, engineering, and construction who are examples of the successes and opportunities present in this industry.

Anastasia Barnes

Ali Horwitz, president of the Boston chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (BosNOMA) and a member of HP’s J.E.D.I. (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) editorial committee, is featured on page 8, alongside the other women of BosNOMA. This chapter is making a difference in the Boston community by establishing strategic partnerships and investing in the next generation of architects and designers.

The Building Talent Foundation recently released a study on the barriers women face when pursuing skilled trades careers. The results culminated in a research paper highlighting the ways companies can better recruit, train and retain women in the construction trades, and a set of step-by-step guidelines to help construction employers create welcoming workplaces that are inclusive to women. While the BTF focuses on residential construction, their thorough report and guidelines, written by Misty Farrell and Teilachanell Angel, provide an invaluable resource for companies in all sectors (pg. 3).

Two examples of women-owned firms that are continuing to thrive in spite of workforce shortages and the challenges of the pandemic are LJV Development, a general contracting firm based out of Everett, Mass. (pg. 15) and Ebbrell Architecture and Design, a firm based out of Boxford, Mass. (pg. 9).  In tough times, these companies are doing great work while supporting women as they pursue careers in this industry.

Lastly, I have to give a special shout out to the women of HP. Thank you to Yvonne Lauziere, art director; Elizabeth Finance, VP of Sales; Emily Langner, editor; Kira Kusakavich, associate editor; Betsy Gorman, account executive; Alisar Awwad, media manager; and Emma Gottschalk, social media coordinator; for doing great work and helping HP reach new heights. And thank you mom (and dad), for giving me the opportunity to lead this company. I love my team so much!

Enjoy the read!

Anastasia Barnes

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