Publisher’s Message: Vision

What is vision?  It’s the why behind your actions.  It’s the heart behind your company.  It’s why your employees never leave and why clients keep coming back.  We all have vision.  It just manifests itself in different ways.

HP’s VISION issue humanizes the A/E/C/O industry and shines a spotlight on the individuals and organizations that are acting on their own vision to build a better industry, by way of implementing mentorship programs, diversifying workforce, reaching out to the community and/or local students, integrating art into design, building sustainable workspaces, embracing emerging technology, and investing in education and training.

Sometimes vision  is bringing in outside expert advice to provide an objective viewpoint. This issue could not have come to fruition without the guidance of Fathom, the future design firm that helped High-Profile find its true mission, which is to provoke people to act on their vision to build a better world.

We would like to give a special thanks to those who submitted content and supported the pages of this issue!  We plan to incorporate these types of stories into the the monthly issues of HP and evolve VISION into a quarterly publication.

Let us know how you like the look and feel of this issue!

Anastasia Barnes

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