Publisher’s Message: October 2019

Anastasia Barnes

Fall is officially here. The air is crisper. The days are shorter, and I’m reminded of how much I love this season. After all, this is my first autumn back in New England. Hand-picked apples, cider donuts and pumpkin spiced-lattes are only around for a short time. What will keep me going after that?

Change. It’s inevitable. It’s difficult. It’s part of growing. After officially being handed the reins as publisher, the transition from father-to-daughter leadership has been smooth, for the most part. It’s a different story during press week!

In just a short time, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with a variety of AEC organizations from all over New England; the names and faces that represent our readers and contributors. Recently, I attended PWC Connecticut’s popular event “Issues and Impacts – Southern New England Higher Education.” The panel consisted of folks from a variety of New England institutions, including my alma mater, Umass Amherst. My takeaway from the panel is that these institutions are listening to the needs of their students and are trying to function and build more sustainably, even with shrinking budgets!

(l-r) Sara Mannes, High-Profile; Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners LLC; Benjamin Goldfarb, Nauset Construction; Jan Breed, Mass. Building Congress; Joe Flynn, Allsteel; Lorenzo Harper, Commodore Builders; and Phillip Bucciero, Nauset

Sara Mannes, Brett Sooy (HP’s newest additions) and I recently drove to Hartford to volunteer at the Construction Institute’s Annual Golf Outing! The weather was perfect that day, and I still don’t know how to play golf!

Some of us from HP also hung out with members of the Massachusetts Building Congress at their Fall Opener, held at Allsteel’s WELL Gold-certified showroom! The sunset was breathtaking, and the company and conversation wasn’t half bad, either! Events like these remind me why I love this industry!


Antonia Ciaverella

Speaking of WELL, I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly bright architect, Antonia Ciaverella of Tecton Architects, on the most recent recording of the Build Better Podcast. Antonia explains how and why companies can (and should) become WELL certified. She also offers advice on the simplest ways companies can make healthier changes, if they’re not ready to make the financial commitment.

According to Antonia, 90% of our time is spent indoors. Ninety percent?! That’s a reminder for all of us to get out and take a walk. Look up. Stop thinking.

Watch a leaf fall to the ground or a child swing. It’s a simple yet profound statement. Being present is a constant challenge (for me), but like the great compiler of proverbs, John Trusler, once said, “There’s no time like the present!”

Enjoy the read.