Publisher’s Message: March 2022

UMass Amherst's Arts Bridge costume shop / Photo by Chodos Photos

This issue marks the 15th consecutive year we have highlighted the North Atlantic region of SCUP and its members. This year’s conference is taking place at my alma mater, UMass Amherst, from March 16-18. I’ll be there for all three days. Will you?

Anastasia Barnes

Do you like this month’s cover? I have such fond memories of my time spent at UMass Amherst’s Fine Arts building, only we didn’t have the solar panels or the beautifully renovated classrooms. It’s exciting to see a building I spent so much time in being preserved and restored so thoughtfully for the next generation of UMass students.

The university has transformed dramatically over the past 11 years, by upgrading existing facilities and adding new buildings to its growing campus. The article on page 26, written by Lincoln Nemetz-Carlson, is not just a respectful ode to Brutalist architecture; it’s also a commitment to adaptive reuse. Lincoln says, “Given the embodied energy and materials in concrete buildings and landscapes, the investment in renovating rather than demolishing Brutalist structures speaks to the priority of carbon mitigation strategies at UMass Amherst.”

Since we’re on the subject of schools and green buildings, I want to specifically highlight two schools that recently achieved LEED certification. Saugus Middle High School was recently designated LEED Platinum (pg. 20) and The Little School in Providence, R.I. was recently designated LEED Gold (pg. 18). The Little School’s expansion actually produces zero carbon emissions!

Barry Reaves, the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s first ever director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, is this month’s featured guest on the Build Better Podcast. Barry is also a member of High-Profile’s J.E.D.I. (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) editorial committee. He believes that it is our industry’s responsibility as a whole to be accountable, and to measure outcomes and course correct when a specific strategy is not working. Learn what Barry and his team are doing to make real estate more accessible and equitable for underrepresented groups in Boston (pg. 36).

Spring equinox is less than three weeks away. I’m ready for some in-person events!

As always, enjoy the read!

Anastasia Barnes

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