Publisher’s Message: March 2019

by Anastasia Barnes, publisher of High-Profile Monthly

The education sector is a natural catalyst for HP’s campaign to provoke A/E/C people to build better by acting on their own vision and is one of the leading markets for commercial construction in New England, with no sign of slowing down. This issue marks our 22nd bi-annual focus on schools and institutions and our eighth year highlighting the North Atlantic Region of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP).

Founded in 1965, SCUP is a nonprofit national organization headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan whose members are made up of mostly higher ed leaders and A/E/C professionals that work in this sector.  Each year, every chapter has a two-day conference that offers keynote speakers, workshops, networking, and tours.

This year’s North Atlantic Regional Conference is being held in Rochester, New York, from March 10 to 12. Check out the letter from the NA Regional Chapter, John Fogarty, on page 12. He lets our readers know what to expect if they decide to attend this year’s conference!


In Rebecca Berry’s article on page 18, you’ll learn how Finegold Alexander Architects is working with Boston University on designing spaces that help “facilitate varied learning modalities and support active learning.”

 Another notable article to check out is James Velleman’s


piece on page 23 on UMass Boston’s plans for an overhaul of the university’s campus by 2025. The article details how BVH Integrated Services has been working with the university since 2011 and shares some of the challenges of this complex project.

Velleman will be presenting at the 2019 SCUP National Conference in Seattle this summer. The presentation is titled “Unearthed: Digging into the UMass Boston Campus Transformation.” 

This month’s center spread gives our readers some highlights from the first two episodes of our new podcast, Build Better. Get to know Luiza Mills of Interstate Electrical Services Corp. and Karrie Kratz of Gilbane Building Company just a little bit better! Episode 1 is out now, and Episode 2 will be launched on March 5.

Tucked inside this month’s issue is our first ever Women in Construction supplement! I’m extremely proud of this supplement, as it highlights a number of bright and talented women in our industry. It also highlights some of the organizations that empower, engage, and educate women in this field.

Our next issue in April has a special supplement focused on the mechanical, engineering, and plumbing professions and how these firms are working to make buildings more cost effective to build, with energy efficiency as the No. 1 factor. Turn to page 49 to see how to submit for that supplement!

As always, enjoy the read.

Anastasia Barnes