Publisher’s Message: December 2023

In this edition of High-Profile, we highlight awards from all across the New England AEC industry, including Excellence in Construction awards from the Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire/Vermont chapters of the Associated Builders and Contractors; the American Institute of Architects’ New England Architecture and Friendly Firm Awards; and Leadership Awards from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP Massachusetts).

Anastasia Barnes

This year’s group of award winners represents companies that are not only leading the way in innovative and unique design, but that are incorporating essential elements into their building projects that are paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable future for the planet. Firms throughout the industry are proactively considering sustainability and climate resilience right from the initial design phase, and the result is building projects that not only represent leading-edge architecture, but that significantly reduce their environmental impact and ensure their longevity. Change may not happen overnight, but our industry is adapting and rising to the challenge of creating healthy and healing environments for not only building occupants, but the neighborhoods and cities they inhabit.

Although we are celebrating our industry’s achievements, let us not forget to give back in any way we can. I’m on the board of the Boston chapter of the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP) and in November, we held a canned food drive event. In all, we collected 132.63 pounds of food! Many other organizations are holding similar events. Read more about the philanthropic efforts of companies in our industry on page 46. One such firm is the KBE Building Corporation, which for 15 consecutive years has held its annual “Gift of Gobble” event. This year, employees assembled and delivered over 500 Thanksgiving meal kits to local organizations in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Another feature this month is a Q&A with Rocco Derrigo, president of American Energy Management, Inc. and Connecticut Temperature Controls. As he returns to serve another term as president of the Massachusetts Building Congress (MBC), I sat down with him to discuss his initiatives for MBC and what members can expect from the organization in the coming year. Read the full interview on page 44.

In this issue, you’ll also find our 2023-2024 Annual Green Supplement. On the cover, we highlight Adimab’s new biotechnology facility in Lebanon, N.H. ReArch Company is the construction manager on this unique project, which was built using a mass timber structural system. A low-carbon alternative to concrete and steel, “mass timber is just one of many sustainable products people will start seeing more of in construction as the industry shifts its focus from not only changing city skylines but doing it with a positive impact on the environment,” says J.T. Imming, project manager at ReArch Company. Read the story on page 8.

We only have one month left in 2023. Is your firm already planning for next year? Tell us about what you have in the pipeline for 2024, or share your perspectives or predictions for the upcoming year in our January Forecast issue. The deadline is Dec. 18.

I look forward to seeing some of you at upcoming events!

As always, enjoy the read!

Anastasia Barnes

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