Partner Elevation Platform Receives Growth Investment

Burlington, MA – ConstructSecure, the Partner Elevation Platform for capital projects and operations,  announced a $96 million growth investment led by Summit Partners.

The investment will help enable further product development and support ConstructSecure’s expanded mission to help clients deliver capital projects by elevating the capabilities of their partners and mitigating risk across capital project lifecycles.

Construction firms and facility owners have traditionally attempted to minimize and mitigate risks related to safety, financial, quality and sustainability factors of third-party contractors with upfront screening. A growing volume of increasingly complex construction projects and an acute skilled labor scarcity, 55% of respondents in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s most recent commercial construction survey say finding skilled workers is difficult has driven many firms to take on riskier partners. Recognizing that “prequalification” alone can’t identify new risks as they arise, ConstructSecure is pioneering a new approach to managing capital projects.

ConstructSecure is designed to deliver the capabilities builders and owners need to engage partners and chart a path to success, collaborate with partners on the job to dynamically mitigate new and evolving risks, and review project and partner performance together to continuously learn and improve.