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Passive Housing Project Continues in Cambridge

Cambridge, MA – Callahan Construction Managers (Callahan) announces construction of the Squirrelwood Apartments, a 12-building, 88-unit affordable housing development located in Cambridge, has resumed after a temporary shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is progressing rapidly and is poised to be completed in 2021.

Owned by Just-A-Start Corporation, Callahan and Davis Square Architects are renovating the ten existing buildings and executing the design and construction of two new infill buildings, along with the construction of an addition to an existing building. The new construction is targeting Energy Star and Passive House standards.

While following all COVID-19 protocols, and temporarily shutting down the construction site, Callahan and their subcontractors have now resumed work, and are in the demolition and rough installation phase of two buildings undergoing renovations. Callahan is also in the rough installation phase in one new infill building and is working on the foundation of the second new building. The installation of siding and windows will begin in the coming weeks on the first new infill building, while framing delivery is planned for the second.

The Squirrelwood project consists of two existing affordable housing projects: Linwood Court and Squirrel Brand Apartments. Linwood Court includes eight buildings with 45 residential units that are undergoing renovation. The Squirrel Brand project, which is listed on the state historic register, consists of 20 residential units in two buildings.

The two new infill buildings, along with the addition, will offer an additional 23 units to the development.

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