Procopio Companies Announces Rebranding

Lynnfield, MA – The Procopio Companies (Procopio), a full-service construction, development, and advisory company, announced a complete rebranding, including a new website and logo.

The new branding and positioning of Procopio reflects the forward-thinking, modern style of its developments while paying tribute to the history and experience of the leadership. History and modernization are evident on Procopio’s new website, where the company incorporates both black and white and color images, and interactive pages. The primary logo is a minimalist wordmark that uses the “c” and the “o” in “Procopio” as a visual device. This ligature represents the connection between legacy, development, and construction – an integral part of the Procopio brand.

Michael Procopio, Procopio’s vice president of development, says, “Our new brand, messaging, and website nod to our long construction history, but projects our modern approach to residential and mixed-use development.”