PROCON Adds Rooftop Solar Array to Hooksett HQ

Photo by Lance Bennett, PROCON co-president

Hooksett, NH – PROCON is celebrating the completion of a 139-kilowatt solar array that sits atop the company’s headquarters in Hooksett. The array will generate an estimated 154,377-kilowatt (kW) hours of renewable energy each year, offsetting nearly 50% of the company’s electric load and over 151,000 pounds of annual carbon emissions.

“Our company is committed to sustainability, and we strive to design and build sustainable commercial buildings for our clients. We are proud that we were the first to receive the WELL certification in New Hampshire for the Unitil Emergency Operations Center in Exeter, N.H. We wanted to continue that commitment to the environment with solar at our corporate headquarters. The exciting factor is that the expected payback on this investment is less than six years. For our 88-year-old, fourth generation design-build firm, we continue to be the leaders in sustainability, and we are constantly looking at our impact on our clients, partners, team and the next generation,” said John Stebbins, managing director of PROCON.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

“PROCON is continuing to demonstrate its role as a leader in New Hampshire’s building industry through this critical investment in renewable energy,” said Dan Weeks, vice president of business development at ReVision Energy. “Their 289-panel solar project demonstrates both fiscal and environmental responsibility and will inspire other companies to become energy self-sufficient in the face of rising energy costs.”

PROCON and ReVision Energy celebrated the new solar installation with a ceremony on June 2 at PROCON at 1359 Hooksett Road in Hooksett. Honored guests included Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig, Hooksett Chief of Police Justin Sargent, President and Associated Builders and Contractors NH/VT CEO Josh Reap, and leadership teams from both PROCON and ReVision Energy.

Photo by Lance Bennett

“I am so happy to be here at PROCON to celebrate the significant contribution that you are making to renewable energy. By harnessing solar power, PROCON is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also taking a proactive stance and stabilizing and reducing its electricity costs. This is an example of the values we hold dear in New Hampshire: innovation, responsible business practices and a dedication to creating a brighter future for our communities. I would like to commend everyone here at PROCON for their vision and commitment to the environmental stewardship; your investment in solar energy sets an inspiring example for many other businesses in your state and I am confident that your leadership here will be picked up by others because you’re showing them the way,” said Craig.