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Precast Concrete Answers the Call for Quick Infrastructure Repairs

Product Announcement Contributed by Coreslab Structures (Conn) Inc.

CT DOT Bridge, Brookfield/Bridgewater, Conn.

Coreslab Structures (Conn) Inc. has been providing architectural high-performance cladding and total precast concrete solutions to the building industry for over 20 years.

It recently expanded its product lines to include bridge products such as prestressed voided deck slabs, traditional and hybrid deck panels, prestressed beams, substructures and other simple span components.

CT DOT Bridge, Woodbury, Conn.


The Precast Prestressed Concrete Industry offers many products for bridge designers and is often a great candidate when considering accelerated bridge construction requirements. The Federal Highway Administration has been leading the charge for bridge repairs and replacement with minimal impact to the public. 

Keeping commerce moving efficiently, safely and without interruption is a common goal as recent events have proven. Our economy depends on it.  

Coreslab Structures is among those answering the growing demand for federal, state and local agencies to address the current inventory of bridges in need of major repairs, partial and full replacement while balancing the public needs for safety.