Precast Benefits Mixed-Use Developments

| February 20, 2018

Celgene Headquarters Mixed-use projects must maximize usable space while providing parking for tenants and visitors.

Many designers find that architectural and structural precast concrete components, often with both functions combined in one piece, can effectively create a base of parking levels that support offices or other uses above.

Four levels of parking with a total-precast concrete structural system helped officials at Celgene, the pharmaceutical company based in Summit, New Jersey, double the size of their campus. Two levels of offices were set onto that parking base, creating the new 540,000sf building.

Designers at Innovative Engineering Services exploited their site’s large slope to allow parking to be accessed at grade on one side and the offices to be entered from the other side at the higher grade, separating the facility’s entries. A white cement with color pigments was used on the exterior pieces, while a gray mix was used on the inside, creating a contrast with the office levels above.

Integrated Care Pavilion/Medical Office Building in Stamford, Conn.

At the new Integrated Care Pavilion/Medical Office Building in Stamford, Conn., adjacent to Stamford Hospital, a total-precast concrete structural framing system was used for both the five levels of parking and three levels of medical offices above them.

Designers at WHR Architects chose the precast system because it offered a cost-effective system with open-span capability for the parking levels, and it could be erected quickly. Panels cladding the office levels contain embedded thin brick, while parking levels feature tall spandrels that reflect the design of the ribbon windows used on the office levels.

Boston University’s New Balance Athletic Field

Functions combined in a creative way at the New Balance Athletic Field at Boston University, where designers from CHA placed a 110,000sf athletic field atop a new 322-car precast concrete parking structure. The precast concrete structure provided long-span, quick construction for the parking levels while offering effective support for the field and 500-seat bleachers on the roof.

Embedded thin brick and limestone-like finishes on the spandrels continue the institution’s collegiate aesthetic. Casting the precast pieces offsite, under controlled plant conditions, produced a durable, high-quality design that sped up construction.

Precast concrete’s many benefits — resiliency, aesthetic versatility, speed of construction, design flexibility, and others — keep it top of mind when designers look to combine functions that maximize footprints.


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