Poyant Personnel Announcements

New Bedford, MA – Poyant, a sign manufacturer and branding specialist, recent personnel announcements include:

Natalia Pelletier has been promoted to senior project manager. She has been with Poyant for nearly 20 years and is a key player in ensuring the success of the CVS brand signage program in the Northeast, in addition to supporting a variety of other clients throughout the region.

Wendy DeGrasse, who has more than 10 years of project administration experience, has been named repair and maintenance associate project manager. She is responsible for managing and scheduling service repair calls.

Wendy DeGrasse

She previously held the position of project coordinator for URS Corporation in Los Angeles.

Cody Carmo has joined the design team at Poyant responsible for developing graphic design concepts through creative design, drafting, documentation, and production art execution.

Cody Carmo

He has worked in several disciplines of print media such as silk-screening, embroidery, stationary, as well as brand strategy and image.


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