PlaceMe Addresses Critical Need for Community Hospitals and Emergency Workers

Cambridge, MA – PlaceMe, a Hispanic-owned, female-led co-living company with expertise in offering shared, furnished apartments to young professionals in multi-family apartment buildings is quickly pivoting its business model to offer flexible housing for its community’s healthcare workforce.

To address healthcare workers’ concern of passing COVID-19 on to their family when they return from work, PlaceMe is introducing a special flat rent of $1,200 per month, including utilities and internet, with no security deposit necessary. These leases will be month-to-month for as long as needed during this crisis, and exclusive to those in the front line combating the virus. Each property has three to five bedrooms, and PlaceMe has a total of 100 beds available for April and May.

“We want PlaceMe apartments to be a place for workers to rejuvenate when they are off duty, while remaining centrally located near Boston’s hospitals,” says Clara Arroyave, CEO and founder of PlaceMe. “There is a great deal of stress on essential workers, one of the greatest is the risk of exposing their family to COVID-19. PlaceMe apartments provide the necessary distancing to keep families safe while offering the comforts of a home.”

PlaceMe provides fully furnished apartments including kitchens, common areas, and bedrooms. Their deep roots in the local communities bordering hospitals such as MGH and Brigham & Women’s PlaceMe makes it possible for emergency workers to stay closer to work and to align with partnerships with other local businesses for additional services like food delivery and transportation to support the essential workers in their day to day living.

PlaceMe’s move to meet the needs of the community during these unprecedented times is one example of how small businesses are stepping up to service the city’s healthcare workers during this crisis.