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Phase 1 Complete on Furniture Store Renovation

Worcester, MA – Rotmans Furniture, a division of Vystar Corporation, has completed Phase 1 of its renovation and will reopen for business on June 16, as it continues its renovation in select areas.

Rotmans closed on June 1 to begin renovation of its over 200,000sf facility. Phase 1 of the remodel included a complete redesign of the interior entrance way, a renovation of one bedding area, elimination of flooring products, and a reorganization of the showroom floor to reduce it from 175,000sf to 85,000sf.

The space formerly used for the showroom will be repurposed as warehouse space, with added benefits to be announced in the future. Additional updating, painting and trimming of various showroom spaces and exterior will continue through the summer. Rotmans is planning a grand reopening event in the fall after all renovation phases are complete.

“This is a major change where we’ve re-thought everything to better serve our customers and their shopping habits, while maximizing our buying power with our manufacturers,” stated Steve Rotman, CEO of Vystar and Rotmans. “Consumers today want ease of selection and instant gratification, so we have curated our offering to provide a more manageable shopping experience, more credit options, and a larger selection of in-stock items to facilitate delivery of most purchases within a few days. By ordering higher quantities from fewer manufacturers, we can get better pricing and pass the savings on to you.”