Pavers by Genest Transform Main Street Sidewalks

| April 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

Harborline Brick pavers on Kennebunk side walks

Sanford, ME – Harborline Brick pavers by Genest have played a major role in transforming downtown landscapes, and have been the choice for many “Main Street”  sidewalk transformations. The town of Kennebunk re-did their sidewalks with Harborline pavers and are continuing to add to the town sidewalks this spring.The pavers give the sidewalks a “walkable” feel that supports constant pedestrian use and occasional vehicle access.

With today’s higher prices for conventional pavements and the increased demand for storm water management and low impact development, the concrete paver industry is in a great position.   Interlocking concrete pavers and permeable concrete pavers will be a solid choice for many years to come. Throughout New England Genest Paving Stones are used for a multitude of commercial and municipal projects. The choice of products, colors and textures offer design professionals many selections that fit site requirements and budgets.  There has been a growth in communities, schools and government  facilities transforming mixed-use areas into aesthetically pleasing public spaces.

Entire streetscapes and plazas have been reconstructed to give more elegance and appeal to these outdoor public spaces.Genest’s extensive product line of pavers gives architects a choice of products that exceed industry standards.  Not only can they sustain the harsh weather conditions of New England but also withstand high traffic pedestrian areas. Genest is also proud to be a leader in sustainable design.  Its selection of permeable paving stones offer products that have an added benefit of improved water quality and stormwater management.  More and more municipalities are switching to permeable pavement surfaces to help recharge the underground water table, reduce pollutants,  and to implement low-impact development.

This industry is always analyzing product specifications, design and construction criteria.  Material manufacturing is Genest’s profit center but construction training for qualified installers is also part of the company’s mission.   Education for new designers entering into the marketplace must be addressed as they will be designing the urban infrastructures of the future.


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